Are you a patient looking to sign up for Kleer? I know my dentist’s code I don’t know my dentist’s code

Are you a patient looking to sign up for Kleer?

Increase production,
attract new patients, and
create recurring revenue.

Offer subscription-based dental membership plans directly to patients and employers, with no insurance middleman in the way. This is dental care, liberated.

Launch your plan for FREE with a custom plan design and pricing consult, training, and marketing tools.

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Dental care, liberated.™

It’s what Kleer stands for.

Insurers control everything about the dental care market—access, treatment, pricing, payment. They’ve created expensive and overly complicated plans that work for them, but not for dentists or patients. Implementing a dental membership plan at your practice can be your first step in establishing freedom from insurers and enabling your patients to access the care they need.

Uninsured patients with Kleer coverage generate 2.1X more production than uninsured patients without Kleer.

How Kleer Works

  • Build your plan

    Easily design your in-house dental membership plan using Kleer’s care plan templates. You determine the treatment protocol, set the subscription price, and create your own fee schedule.

  • Enroll patients

    Patients can sign up for your dental membership plan in your office, on your website or from any device.

  • Manage your plan

    The Kleer Portal makes it easy to track payments, invite patients, enroll and manage members, plus edit your plan. Auto renewal features make renewal management so easy!

Kleer Membership Software

Kleer’s turnkey software includes everything you need to design, launch and grow a membership plan, improve practice performance, and provide patients with better access to care—all without the interference of an insurance middleman.

Kleer creates a mutually beneficial relationship.

Patient Benefits

  • A care plan personalized for my oral care needs
  • An affordable care plan with simple and transparent terms that I trust
  • Pricing, discounts and benefits that enable me to get the care I need and feel financially savvy
  • A direct relationship with my dentist that removes third party hassles and costs
  • I have coverage that takes the mystery and worry out of price and negotiations

Dentist Benefits

  • Care plans that I design based on the needs of my patients and practice
  • Membership plan patients are loyal patients that visit regularly
  • Patients keep their hygiene reappointments and accept more treatment
  • I am in control – patients pay me directly, and I make treatment decisions with my patients without third party interference
  • I can stop offering one-off discounts and new patient specials that do not create patient loyalty

You’ll have total support from the start.

We call it the Kleer Advantage™.

The Kleer Advantage is a set of tools and resources that maximize your membership plan results based on the work we have done with thousands of dental practices.

  • Kleer Partnership
  • Kleer Platform
  • Kleer Success Team Support
  • Kleer SmartDesign™
  • Kleer Growth Services
  • Kleer Renewal Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Market Research
  • Product Innovation

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