The millennial generation has the highest rate of uninsured individuals, and they’re ripe for a solution to their lack of dental coverage.

The reasons millennials are uninsured are two-fold. First, a portion of the millennial generation is in the process of losing dental coverage as they age out of their parents’ health insurance plans. And at the same time, they’re entering a job market where dental benefits are no longer a guarantee.

Uninsured millennials want to take care of their oral health and need access to simple, modern and affordable care. Progressive dental practices across the nation are catering to their needs with subscription-based dental membership plans.

Millennials Search for Modern, Simple and Affordable Dental Care

Uninsured millennials want to take care of their oral health and are searching for coverage options that are modern, simple to understand, and budget friendly.

When searching for coverage, they want to see clear benefits from any payments they will make. With the rise of the gig economy and declining starting salaries, this generation is looking for ways to cut down on the cost of living and will try to get the most out of every hard-earned dollar. Also, they prefer to review clear pricing and terms without having to hear a sales pitch, and they want to be empowered to make decisions based on company reputation and customer reviews.

What these individuals find in their searches is that traditional dental insurance is anything but affordable, transparent or easy-to-understand. This leaves them feeling uncertain, confused and sometimes suspicious of their coverage options.

Subscription-Based Dental Membership Plans

Dental membership plans are the perfect solution for your millennial patients’ needs and should be offered to every uninsured millennial that your practice serves.

With a dental membership plan in place, your patients pay monthly or annual subscriptions to your practice, and in return your practice provides preventative care and discounted treatment to them. These plans usually include two annual check-ups, cleanings and X-rays and discounts from 10 to 25% for other treatments.

Your practice sets the subscription price and treatment discounts, and patients pay you directly with no middleman in the way. Sign-up is simple and intuitive, and patients can take advantage of benefits immediately. This means that your millennial patients who fall off their parents’ dental insurance or accept a job without dental benefits can seamlessly transition to a membership plan without leaving the comfort of your trusted practice.

Not only is this subscription-based approach to dental care an ideal solution for millennials—it’s what they want! They are already accustomed to other subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and they are comfortable making annual and monthly payments. Plus, the benefits are clear and simple, enabling them to feel confident in what they are getting in exchange for their payments.

A Kleer Path to Your Millennials’ Hearts

Kleer is the way to a millennial’s heart when it comes to dental care. Our advanced, cloud-based platform enables you to give patients a simple, modern approach to dental care with a great user experience, transparent terms and subscription-based pricing.

Kleer makes it easy by providing everything you need to design, launch and manage your membership plan. And Kleer includes the added benefits of marketing tools and growth services that help you reach your uninsured millennial patients and convert them into long-term members.

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