Ensure your dental membership plan gets results with the Kleer Advantage™

Uninsured patients with Kleer dental membership plans generate 2.1X more production than uninsured patients without Kleer.

Kleer's solution includes everything you need to maximize results. We call it the Kleer Advantage.

Maximize your membership plan results with this set of tools and resources built from our experience working with thousands of practices.

Kleer Partnership

Your success is our success.

We only make money when you make money, so our resources and investments are 100% focused on driving the success of your practice. The Kleer partnership puts your practice and patients at the center.

  • Practice Needs

    Kleer was designed from the ground up to enable dentists to offer a solution that is customized for their unique practice philosophy and patient demographics. Dentists and staff design and price the plans themselves, so you are 100% in control and buy-in is there from the start.

  • Patient Needs

    Kleer conducted thousands of hours of consumer research to understand patient needs and behaviors. Kleer is designed to meet patient needs and improve their commitment to oral care.

Kleer Platform

Our turn-key, cloud-based platform is easy to use and includes everything your practice needs to design and manage a successful membership plan.

Kleer Success Team

The Kleer Success Team is an award-winning group of dedicated specialists that are with you from the beginning to ensure your practice is successful and meeting its goals. The team is always just a call, live chat or email away.

  • Plan Consultants helps you design, price and launch your membership plan.
  • Membership Growth Specialists help you grow your membership base.
  • Member Support Coordinators assist you in addressing patient questions and issues.

Kleer SmartDesign™ with Kleer SmartPricing™

Membership plan pricing and benefit selection can be tricky. If you provide too little value, patients lose interest. If you provide too much value, it will not work for your practice. We make things simple with tools that optimize plan design and price so that your membership plan works for both your patients and your practice.

Kleer SmartDesign

Leverage the best practices Kleer has learned working with thousands of dental practices to design a plan that works for your practice. The Kleer Success Team will help tailor your membership plan for your treatment philosophy, patient demographics and membership plan goals.

Kleer SmartPricing

Determine the optimal subscription price for your membership plan with our sophisticated formula. Using your fee schedule and data from thousands of dental practices on the Kleer platform, our proprietary algorithm produces a pricing recommendation that optimally balances patient and practice value.

Kleer Growth Services

Kleer Growth Services include everything you need to promote your membership plan and grow membership.

Growth Services include:

  • Kleer Growth Team
  • Kleer Marketing Tool Kit
  • Kleer Analytics
  • Kleer Health Check

Renewal Support

Membership renewals are critical to the long-term success of your membership plan. Kleer’s Renewal Support includes everything you need to ensure high renewal rates.

Automated Membership Renewals

Maximize renewal rates and eliminate the hassle and cost of contacting patients each year.

Kleer Member Renewal Guide

Implement renewal best practices that we have learned thought working with thousands of dental practices.

Kleer Practice Portal Member Renewal Tab

Easily track and manage renewals.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is critical to the long-term viability of your membership plan. You can be confident in your plan’s compliance because Kleer thoroughly researches and closely follows federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, fraud and abuse laws, fee splitting laws, dental advertising and disclosure laws, privacy and data security laws, DMPO laws, and payment processing laws including PCI.

Market Research

Kleer continuously invests in market research to better understand the needs of dental practices and their patients. This research provides the basis for the product features we develop and the marketing materials we provide to you.

Product Innovation

Kleer’s platform was built by a world class development team on a modern, modular software architecture that makes it very easy to add new features and functionality. We regularly collect feedback from dental practices and patients and use that information to build our product roadmap. We continuously release features and are dedicated to making sure your membership plan drives the best results.