The Kleer Referral Program

Everyone Wins!

Invite other dental practices to join Kleer, and everyone wins!

Pass along a 5% discount by inviting other dental practices to Kleer and earn up to a 20% discount for your practice.

Kleer is on a mission to liberate dental care by empowering dental practices to provide simple, affordable and personalized care directly to patients. And, we invite you to help us spread the word (and savings!) by referring your friends.

Like our membership plan, our referral program is simple.

  • Tell your friends at other dental practices how much you love Kleer and invite them to sign up! Just fill out the form below to generate a link and simply copy and paste the link to share.
  • When your friend’s practice signs up for Kleer, they will automatically receive a 5% discount.
  • When your friend’s practice activates 10 members (per office), we will apply a 5% discount to your Kleer fees.
  • More is better. You can earn up to 20% off by referring multiple practices.
  • The giving is limitless! Give the gift of 5% savings to as many friends as you would like.