Forget everything you know about dental coverage. This is something new.

Kleer is liberating dental care with membership plans.

What are Dental Membership Plans?

Membership plans enable dental practices to offer simple, affordable and personalized care directly to patients—with no insurance middleman in the way.

Think of dental membership plans like other subscription services you join. Patients pay a monthly or annual fee to their dentist, and in return receive preventative care and discounts off other treatment.

Dentists design in-house membership plans based on the unique needs of their patients and practice—they are 100% in control, setting the subscription price, fee schedule and treatment protocol.

Patient payments are made directly to the dental practice, eliminating the burdens of third-party payment delays, claim denials and paperwork.

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, a membership plan is more than just a transaction. It’s an opportunity to bring patients closer to your dental practice and build a trusting relationship. In return, patients will be more loyal to your practice, visit more often and accept more treatment.

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Membership plans are a win-win for dental practices and the patients they serve.

Dentists can run successful, profitable practices without the limitations and hassles of insurance—and patients gain access to the oral care they need.

Dental practices take back control from insurers.

  • Help uninsured patients get the care they need
  • Improve patient loyalty
  • Increase patient visits and case acceptance
  • Boost practice valuation
  • Differentiate your practice from others

Patients get great care at an affordable price.

  • Access simple, affordable and personalized care
  • Gain benefits immediately upon sign-up
  • Bypass the costs and hassles of insurance—no deductibles, waiting periods, claims denials or paperwork

Frequently asked questions

Kleer membership plan patients are the best patients!

The proof is in the numbers.


more production than uninsured


more treatment than uninsured


more hygiene than uninsured

Kleer membership plan patients accept more treatment and generate more revenue than uninsured patients. Additionally, Kleer membership plan patients accept nearly the same amount of treatment as insured patients—but generate more net revenue.

Kleer is the industry-leading membership plan solution.

Kleer’s turn-key, cloud-based dental membership plan solution empowers dentists to offer patients direct access to personalized care—with no insurance middleman in the way. It’s everything you need to successfully create and manage a membership plan.

As the national dental economy still struggles to accommodate the increasing number of dentists, some of us have realized that an in-house membership plan can be a major distinguishing factor for our practices. These plans are an opportunity to attract and retain patients, increase revenue and sustainably build our practice value.

—Dr. Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor of Dental Economics