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Hear from dentists, office managers and group practice executives nationwide about how Kleer has helped them improve patient loyalty, increase production, lower administration burden and generate recurring revenue.

PNW Dental

Bend, OR

With Kleer, we’ve been able to scale our membership plan so fast! I love how the platform makes it easy for me to manage our memberships, track renewals, and process payments all in one place, giving me extra time to focus on our patients. With the addition of Kleer Employee Care, we can take our membership plan to even greater heights. Thank you Kleer!

Lindsay Bradbury

Office Manager

Blackhawk Dental Care

Danville, CA

We have a lot of uninsured patients who love getting a great deal through our membership program. We also have a sizable retired population who watch every dollar they spend. This program has helped us sell more dentistry than we were able to without the plan.

Maria Tefft

Practice Administrator

North Raleigh Periodontics

Raleigh, NC

Kleer’s platform takes away administrative burdens, their Success Team provides ongoing coaching, and our patients love the coverage option.

Monica Singletary

Office Manager

Cumberland Valley Dental Care

Chambersburg, PA

Some of the highlights of working with Kleer are the excellent support that they offer and the simplicity of partnering with them. They worked with us to seamlessly convert our original membership plan into our current Kleer plan, and they are available to us whenever we need someone to answer even the simplest question. They didn’t just sign us up and then forget about us. This was not the case with the previous company that we worked with, where our emails were rarely answered in less than 24 hours. Our Kleer Success Manager stays in close contact with us, and she is always asking if we have any problems that she can help with. Kleer has been available during every step of the process, and they continue to look for ways to help us grow our membership.

Kathy Peiffer

Office Manager

Kessler Dental Associates

Phoenixville, PA

With the Kleer platform, I’m able to offer great dental care to all of my uninsured patients while generating incremental and repeatable revenue for our practice. Kleer has been a great partner and they’ve delivered an innovative, world class product to the dental market.

Dr. Lon Kessler DDS



Hamilton, NJ

What attracted me to Kleer was their ability to streamline processes across the twelve locations we manage. They do all of the work behind the scenes so that we don’t have to. They handle the revenue management and provide great reporting so I can easily see who is selling and what practices need additional help. It’s also been a pleasure partnering with the Director of Group Success who helps guide us every step of the way, she’s fantastic!

Chick Hoff

Chief Operating Officer

Fenton Family Dental

Silver Springs, MD

Kleer has helped us work towards our mission of improving the oral health of our working families. We are so glad to have Kleer!

Dr. Toussaint Crawford, D.M.D.

Lakeview Dental Care

New Jersey - 6 locations

Prior to Kleer, we had an in-house membership plan that left us with a lot of questions. We didn’t know how many members it had, how many renewed each year, and it was just too hard to keep up with. Our six practice managers are thrilled that Kleer removes a lot of the manual work from their plate with features like automatic renewals and the ability for patients to sign up right from the website. For me, I can easily see how many subscriptions we have per practice, per week, making it extremely clear how profitable we are.

Alyssa C. Canale

Chief Operating Officer

Ninth East Dental

Provo, UT

We already knew all the great things membership plans could do for our patients and our practice, but it was a real hassle keeping on top of the renewals, the payments, and the paperwork. Despite all the value it was bringing us, it was hard to manage, and we were strongly considering shutting it down. Then I read an interview with Dave Monahan from Kleer and he hit on all of our pain points with managing our own, home-grown membership plan. The Kleer platform has an auto-renew feature, payment processing, and patient notifications - all built right into the platform. So now we can go back to providing quality dental care for our patients and leave all the work to Kleer!

Dr. Adrian Huang, DMD

Yarbro Family Dentistry

Spokane, WA

Our patient was going to cancel his upcoming appointment because he’d lost his insurance. After we sent out an eblast, he came skipping through the door, grabbed one of our Kleer display items and said, “Sign me up!”

Dr. Richard Yarbro

Cordata Family Dentist

Bellingham, WA

One unintended consequence has been the referrals. Patients are talking about the Dental Membership Plan to family, friends, and coworkers. We’re seeing interest spread quickly through word of mouth. Even insured patients want to convert.

Dr. Terri Zweber, DDS

Stillwater Dental Associates

Stillwater, OK

Not only does a Kleer membership plan save our patients money, which they love, but it’s so simple and easy for them to understand. It definitely incentivizes them to come in for regular visits and use what they paid for. I know this because we have well over 200 members and our renewal rate is at 84%!

Stephanie Clason

Office Manager

Successful customers are happy customers!

The proof is in the numbers.

2.1X Kleer patients spend $1,228 per year versus $586 for uninsured patients. Kleer patients spend $1,228 per year versus $586 for uninsured patients.

increase in net production

3X Kleer patients complete 1.5 visits per year versus 0.5 visits for uninsured patients. Kleer patients complete 1.5 visits per year versus 0.5 visits for uninsured patients.

increase in office visits

$354 Kleer patients pay $354 of subscription revenue on average. That’s $35,400 of reliable, recurring revenue for every 100 Kleer patients! Kleer patients pay $354 of subscription revenue on average. That’s $35,400 of reliable, recurring revenue for every 100 Kleer patients!

of subscription revenue per patient


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