Kleer for Small Business

Better group dental coverage for your small business — for less.

Kleer Employee Care gives your small business an easy and affordable way to give employees and their families better group dental coverage.

It’s not your typical dental insurance plan — it’s better.

Much better.

  • Plans are offered directly to your business by dentists — eliminating costs and headaches of a traditional dental insurance plan.
  • Dental coverage is designed by dentists to meet the specific needs of your employees and their dependents
  • Employer contributions are optional and you only pay for employees who participate
  • Coverage includes preventative care visits and discounts on other treatment
  • There are no deductibles, waiting periods, pre-approvals, or annual maximums

Happy and healthy mouths mean happy and healthy employees

Dental coverage plays a critical role in access to care — those with a dental benefit visit the dentists 3x more often than those without. This means that employees with dental benefits are much more likely to receive preventative care, avoid serious oral health issues, and get the care they need if an issue arises.

Dental coverage protects your best investment — your employees.

Group dental benefits are not only a smart investment, they’re also an advantage.

Give employees the dental benefit they want — and deserve.

Dental care is one of the top 3 most requested benefits, making Kleer Employee Care’s dental coverage the perfect solution for full and part-time workers.

Attract and retain great employees, and be competitive in the job market.

88% of job seekers say dental benefits are a key factor in job choice, and 2 out of 3 employees consider them to be an important part of their compensation package.

Improve the health and quality of life of your employees and their families.

During routine preventative care, dentists can detect signs of more than 120 diseases — cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc. — affecting your employees’ overall health and well-being.

Improve employee productivity and reduce time away from work.

Each year, Americans lose more than 164 million hours of work from dental disease — easily preventable through regular dental visits and early detection.

From enrollment to launch and beyond, offering group dental coverage is fast and simple with Kleer Employee Care.

  • It’s quick and easy to enroll your company and start your benefit

    • Create your company’s profile
    • Set your optional contribution amount
  • Manage your dental benefit from the Kleer Employer Portal

    • Track employee plans, participation, and payments
    • Manage your benefit plan including employee eligibility
    • Access a library of free employee marketing and communication tools and collateral provided by Kleer
  • Easily invite employees to participate in your dental benefit

    • Invite your employees to join by email
    • Employees can enroll in just minutes and from any device
  • Employees can self-manage their plan with the Kleer Employee Patient Portal

    • Employees can easily enroll themselves and their dependents — benefits are simple, straightforward, and will start immediately!
    • Add, update, and view account information like payments and auto-renewals
    • Access live support to answer questions about dental coverage