Kleer for Employees

Better and more affordable employee dental benefits for you and your family.

Kleer's Employee Care solution improves care, removes hassles, and lowers cost by eliminating the insurance middleman.

Full coverage dental plans without the hassles of traditional insurance

Kleer Employee Care is offered directly from dentists to your employer, so it eliminates the costs and unnecessary hassles of an insurance middleman — this means that you get higher quality dental care at lower cost and without things like deductibles, waiting periods, annual limits, pre-approvals, and claims forms or denials.

Signing up and managing your dental benefit is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Your employer sends you an email invite
  • You review the benefit, select a care plan that meets your needs, and easily enroll from any device
  • You can easily manage your benefit - from payments to adding family members - in the Kleer Employee Portal

High-quality oral care helps you lead a happy, healthy life

Your oral health is more important than you may realize! Research has found links between oral infections and heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and stroke — clues to which can often be found during a routine dental exam.

Keeping your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy can help you avoid serious health issues — improving your happiness, health, and overall quality of life.

It’s simple, it’s affordable, it’s better.

Kleer Employee care gives you comprehensive but simple and cost-effective coverage that can be accessed immediately.

From enrollment to benefit management, Kleer Employee Care is simple and convenient

  • Enroll yourself and your family in just minutes and from any device
  • Your benefits start immediately and run for 12 months from the date you join
  • There are no deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, denials of claims, or pre-approvals
  • 100% transparency means you’ll never be surprised by hidden terms or treatment costs

Affordable, budget-friendly care plans personalized for the whole family

  • Preventative care like cleanings, exams, oral screenings, and x-rays are included at no additional cost
  • Save money on additional treatment (like fillings) with access to exclusive discounts
  • Unlimited discounts mean no annual maximums and no waiting — use your benefit freely to get treatment when you need it

Get the employee dental benefits you want and deserve.

Find out more about how you can access dental benefits for you and your family now.