Kleer for Patients

No insurance? We have you covered with a dental plan that’s better than insurance.

Thousands of dentists nationwide use Kleer to help their patients gain access to affordable coverage that’s simple, transparent and easy to use.

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Direct care is better care for you and your dentist.

By offering coverage directly to you, dentists remove the cost and hassle of an insurance middleman. They pass the savings to you and focus on your oral care, not jumping through third party hoops.

What is a membership plan?

Think of dental membership plans like other subscription services you join—like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You pay a monthly or annual fee directly to your dentist, and in return receive preventative care and discounts off other treatment.

In just a matter of minutes, you can access:

  • A care plan personalized for your oral care needs
  • An affordable care plan with simple and transparent terms that you can trust
  • Pricing, discounts and benefits that enable you to get the comprehensive care you need
  • A direct relationship with your dentist that removes third-party hassles and costs and makes it easier for your dentist to provide the care you need

Membership plan examples

Our membership plan gives you exactly what you need.

Comprehensive, budget-friendly and personalized dental care that enables you to commit to good oral health.

Your membership includes...

Cleanings, exams and routine x-rays at no additional cost

Exclusive discounts off other procedures, like fillings

Benefits that start immediately and run for 12 months from the date you join

No deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, denials of claims or pre-approvals

100% transparency — you will never be surprised by hidden terms or treatment cost!

Signing up and using the plan is so easy.

We’ve worked hard to make it easy to sign up and manage your membership plan from any device. And if you ever need assistance along the way, we offer live support from an amazing team of Kleer Success Managers who are ready to help you with any questions about your dental membership plan.

Your membership plan platform

  • Enroll quickly and simply

    We made it quick and easy to purchase a membership plan anytime and anywhere. You can sign up at your dentist’s office, on your phone, on your dentist’s website or at kleer.com. Get the dental coverage you want in just minutes. There is no waiting period, so you can start using your benefits immediately!

  • Easily manage your plan

    You can easily access and manage your membership plan from any device. Easily review your plan summary, print your membership card, look up pricing, add family members to your plan, and invite friends to join. It’s all at your fingertips.

  • Have complete visibility into pricing

    One of the main pillars of Kleer is transparency. Unlike traditional insurance plans that are confusing and frustrating to navigate, we provide a fee lookup tool that provides complete visibility into the costs of all dental procedures offered by your dentist.

  • Access live support

    Kleer has built an amazing team of Kleer Success Managers who are here to help you with any questions you may have about your dental membership plan. Our live chat lets you easily connect with us from kleer.com or the Kleer Patient Portal.