Dave Monahan, founder and CEO of Kleer®, saw a solution to a problem plaguing the dental industry: dental insurance. After beginning his career in the engineering sector and then transitioning to the medical field, he one day found himself engaged in a conversation with a practicing dentist about the struggle clinicians have with low reimbursements, collection hassles, and red tape from dental insurance. "I concluded that it was almost impossible to make any real money from insurance and that dental insurers were dictating how dentists practice medicine," he says. This was when he decided to better understand and potentially solve the problem.

To better comprehend the landscape, Monahan hired two market research firms and talked to many dentists and patients, as well as CEOs of companies with and without dental insurance. He learned that patients who had dental insurance were generally confused about their benefits and restrictions, and patients who didn't have insurance wanted coverage that provided access to affordable care. "Learning this, I decided the best way to meet the needs of dentists and patients was to cut out the middle man," he states.

Membership plans from Kleer are designed by the dental practice and offered directly to its patients, without an insurance company dictating treatment protocols, terms, or exclusions. This enables clinicians to design a treatment plan that is most beneficial to their patients and for patients to purchase simple and affordable coverage directly from their dentists.

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