In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, dentists and executives at DSOs and group practices are navigating unchartered waters. The cost of doing business has climbed due to requirements for PPE and infection control while production has declined due to patient distancing and a drastic increase in the uninsured patient rate. To make matters worse, these challenges have made the PPO high volume, low reimbursement model obsolete.

While the outlook may look bleak to some, there is an extraordinary opportunity for forward-thinking dental professionals to use the current climate to shift toward a direct care model that provides patients with better access to care, improves practice cash flow and profitability, and eliminates the hassles and costs of insurance.

Across the dental industry, there is a growing urgency to offer budget-friendly dental membership plans that enable uninsured patients to get the care they need while generating more revenue and cash flow for your practice. This article dives into four challenges brought on by the COVID crisis that make dental membership plans a must-have. We also review key best practices for implementing a successful and scalable membership plan across a DSO or group practice enterprise.

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