Half of small businesses do not offer a dental benefit to their employees even though it’s the third most requested benefit, right behind health insurance and a 401K. Small businesses understand that a dental benefit will improve employee health and productivity, but dental insurance is too complicated, too limited and too expensive. Already challenged by competing priorities, limited time, and stretched budgets, it’s no wonder why offering dental insurance is out of reach. What these small businesses need is a solution that is easy to understand, simple to manage, and cost effective. A dental membership plan is exactly that and dental practices can be the one to provide it to them.

Why Dental Practices Should Offer a Membership Plan Directly to Local Employers

A dental membership plan is a simple and affordable alternative to dental insurance. Patients pay a monthly or annual fee directly to a dental practice, and, in return, receive preventative care and discounts off other treatment. Membership plans eliminate the hassle and cost of traditional insurance making care more accessible to patients. And now with Kleer Employee Care, employers can contribute any amount they would like towards their employees’ care, enabling small businesses to afford a dental benefit while making it even more cost effective for employees. Employers and employees save money and dental practices get new patients that pay them directly for their care. Not only that, Kleer’s data proves that dental membership plan patients visit 2-3X more often than uninsured patients and accept 2X more treatment. Therefore, dental practices not only acquire new patients, but loyal patients who are committed to care. 

Kleer Employee Care is the Solution

Kleer is the industry leader and pioneer in the dental membership plan market with a mission to liberate dental care and make oral care more accessible to everyone. Their advanced, cloud-based software launched in 2018 and already serves over 4,000 dentists nationwide. 

Kleer recently hired a market research firm to complete interviews, focus groups, and surveys with dental practices and employers to understand how to improve employer dental benefits. The research formed the basis of their newest and recently announced product, Kleer Employee Care

Kleer Employee Care enables dental practices to offer simple, affordable, and comprehensive dental benefits directly to local employers. Kleer Employee Care eliminates all of the hassles, limitations and inefficiency of dental insurance. Using the Kleer Practice Portal and support from the Kleer Success Team, dental practices can easily design, price, and manage a customized employer benefit plan and market it directly to local employers. 

Employers can easily enroll online and choose the amount they would like to contribute to their employees’ care. Once the dental benefit is set up, their employees receive an email invitation to select care plans for themselves and their dependents. Employees can sign up in 2-3 minutes from any device, utilize the employer contribution to offset their cost, and access the benefit immediately, since there are no waiting or open enrollment periods! 

Kleer provides the platform and ensures compliance with ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA. Their team of dedicated support professionals are available to assist dental practices, employers, and employees. 

Benefits for Practices, Employers, and Employees

A Kleer employer membership plan is a win for all parties involved:

  • Dental practices have a unique opportunity to stand out to local businesses and attract new patients who are loyal and generate reliable, recurring revenue. 
  • Employers can save 30-40% on dental benefit costs and improve employee access to oral care. Better oral care will improve employee health, productivity, and retention.
  • Employees gain access to affordable, high quality oral care that improves their health, with costs offset by their employer’s contribution. 

Kleer Employee Care is the next step in helping dentists take more control of their practice, lessen their dependence on insurers, and improve access to care. To learn more, visit www.kleer.com/kleer-employee-care

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