In a post COVID-19 world, dental membership plans are a must-have. COVID related job losses have driven the uninsured patient rate to 50%, dental practice closures taught us that cash flow is critical to the survival of a practice, and the cost of PPE, patient distancing and infection control make dental insurance even more difficult to manage.

Proactive dentists have turned to Kleer throughout the crisis to quickly implement their dental membership plans, with goals of providing a budget-friendly coverage option to uninsured patients, creating a recurring revenue stream, doubling production from their uninsured patient base, and taking steps to free themselves from insurers. However, confusion around compliance was at times a roadblock to progress.

To help clear up confusion around membership plan compliance, Kleer hosted the webinar “Don’t Let Compliance Hold You Back from Implementing a Membership Plan” on June 9, 2020. In this webinar, Kleer’s CEO Dave Monahan addressed misconceptions of membership plan compliance, dove into details around legal and compliance requirements for membership plans, and explained the difference between membership plans and discounts plans (notions that they are the same thing are a root cause of the confusion).

The following recaps an important portion of the webinar presentation. 

Dental Membership Plans and Dental Discount Plans are Not Equal

As we mentioned, dental membership plans are frequently confused with dental discount plans, and this is the root cause of marketplace confusion around membership plan compliance. There are significant differences between the two types of dental plans in terms of laws and regulations.

Dental membership plans need to be compliant with various state and federal regulations including HIPAA, federal anti-kickback laws, federal physician self-referral laws, federal consumer protection laws, FTC laws and state healthcare and dentistry laws. Meeting these regulations requires the implementation of a variety of features including disclosures, consents, data security infrastructure, support processes and secure payment management. At Kleer, we take regulatory compliance very seriously and have spent considerable time, money and effort to make Kleer compliant. Read our blog post “What’s Best For Your Practice? Dental Membership Plan vs. Dental Discount Plan,” for more information and a side-by-side chart that clearly differentiates the two types of dental plans.

How We Help: Kleer’s Membership Plan Solution and Compliance

Regulatory compliance is critical to the long-term viability of your membership plan. Kleer has thoroughly researched and complied with applicable federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, fraud and abuse laws, fee splitting laws, dental advertising and disclosure laws, privacy and data security laws, and payment processing laws including PCI.

Now is the time to implement a membership plan. Kleer’s cloud-based platform is turnkey and includes everything a practice needs to design, launch and manage a successful membership plan. It’s free to implement, and fast and easy to launch—practices can design and launch a membership plan in days with the help of the Kleer Success Team. Learn more about our platform here.

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