On August 10, 2020, Kleer continued our Dental care, liberated™ webinar series  with a presentation on the membership club effect of subscription dentistry. This webinar addressed how implementing a dental membership plan improves patient loyalty and increases both patient visits and case acceptance.

The webinar also featured Dr. Kevin Cabugao from Encore Dental, who explained how his Kleer dental membership plan increased revenue at his practices, what he did to make his membership plan successful, and why practices should consider implementing Kleer.

This blog summarizes the presentation, and you can also watch an on-demand playback of the webinar to learn more.

How Uninsured Dental Patients Think

The webinar began with Kleer’s CEO Dave Monahan explaining the uninsured patient mindset. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Kleer estimates that one in two adults do not have dental coverage. With this rise in uninsured patients, it is critical for dentists to offer a solution to these patients.

Our studies show uninsured patients visit 2-3x less than insured patients. The reasons why they don’t visit the dentist are because they believe it is too expensive and they don’t have coverage. However, 89% of uninsured patients value their oral health and want dental coverage—and it must be simple, transparent and affordable.

The Membership Club Effect

Kleer’s membership plan is a solution for the uninsured patients’ concerns. The success of a membership plan can be accredited to a concept called the membership economy. The membership economy benefits any business that depends on repeat business from customers who have other options. When a membership program is implemented properly, it creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the member and the company. The member gets access to products and services they want with simple and convenient terms. The company gets more loyal customers that purchase twice as much. This phenomenon translates perfectly to dentistry with subscription-based membership plans.

A dental membership plan creates the membership club effect for dental practices. Patients feel good about having dental coverage and feel a trust with their practice by getting direct care that is transparent and simple. On the other side, practices build loyalty with patients while increasing production.

Kleer’s Dental Membership Plan Drives 2-3X Patient Production and Visits

In the webinar, the audience learns from membership plan results from Kleer customers. The data demonstrates the membership club effect of members purchasing more than nonmembers. Through Kleer’s data, this increased production remains consistent. Whether it is an insurance-based practice or fee-for-service practice, a Kleer membership plan can lead to an increase in 2-3X patient production and visits.

These results are an outcome of implementing a membership-economy-based service that builds patient loyalty and trust. They are paying for the treatment and therefore want to utilize it.

Dr. Kevin Cabugao: One Dentist’s Experience with Kleer’s Membership Plan

Dr. Kevin Cabugao is a general dentist in California who owns three practices: Encore Dental of Napa, Marina Encore and Walker Creek Dental. He joined the webinar to share his personal experience with Kleer’s membership plan.

During the webinar, Dr. Cabugao touched on the pain points dentists face. Insurers control everything including access, payment, pricing and treatment. Insurance has created overly complicated plans that work for them but not for dentists or patients. The COVID-19 crisis has brought to light additional fractures in the insurer-controlled system—making this an opportune time to move away from insurance and toward a direct care model.

Dr. Cabugao shared the results of Kleer’s membership plan at his practices. In 19 months, his team enrolled 163 members, generated 2.4X more net production than uninsured patients, and is now getting 5-star Yelp reviews. “These results are without us even trying,” said Dr. Cabugao. Listen to this clip of the webinar when the doctor talks about his results.

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To listen to Dr. Cabugao’s entire story, watch the webinar playback.

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