82% of small businesses want to offer a dental benefit to their employees, but most believe it is out of reach. What causes this misconception? In short, they believe traditional dental benefits are too complicated, too difficult to manage and most significantly, too costly for their business. The good news is that dental practices can address all of these concerns with an employer dental membership plan.

What is an employer dental membership plan?

Similar to other subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, a dental membership plan allows patients to pay an affordable monthly or annual subscription directly to their dentist, and in return receive preventive care and discounts off other treatment. An employer dental membership plan is the same concept, however, the dental membership plan is sponsored by an employer. Employers make a contribution towards an employee’s dental membership plan and the employee pays the difference between the price of the care plan and the employer’s contribution. Best of all, employer dental membership plans address the issues that keep small businesses from offering a dental benefit - they are extremely easy to understand and use; easy for employers to administer; and cost-effective for both employers and their employees.

Membership plans are easy to understand and use

When employees don’t understand their dental plans, they don’t use them. In one study, 25 percent of employees said they had not been to the dentist in the past 12 months because they misunderstood what their insurance plan would actually cover. Luckily, the concept of a membership plan is easy to understand and use since it follows a similar model to any other subscription service. Employees can sign up for a membership plan online, from any device, in a matter of minutes and benefits start immediately. And there are no confusing terms like co-pays, deductibles, premiums, in/out-of-network limitations or annual maximums.

Membership plans are easy for employers to administer

Administering a membership plan is very straightforward. There is no paperwork, complicated terms, minimum participation requirements, minimum contribution levels or long-term contracts. Employers just review the plan details (which are very simple) and determine how much money they would like to contribute to the cost of their employees’ care (from $0 to an amount of their choosing). This can be done in a matter of minutes. Employees then invite their employees to join via email or text. Employees sign up on their own from any device and their benefits start immediately. Any questions employees have can be directed back to the dentists’ membership plan vendor for support.

Membership plans are cost-effective

Small businesses are faced with the daily challenge of running their business on limited funds, which is why cost is a major factor when choosing a dental benefit. Typical dental insurance premiums and deductibles run are over $500 per employee per year. In contrast, an average membership plan is only $350 a year, saving employers 30-40% on dental benefit costs. In addition, with a membership plan, an employer is charged only if an employee activates and uses their benefit. Any unused funds stay with the employer, rather than being squandered on a third-party insurer. Membership plans are cost-effective for employees too! Along with an affordable membership plan subscription for their preventative care needs, employees save an average of 20% on the cost of additional treatment.

How small businesses can get started

If your small business wants to offer a dental benefit to your employees, but you don’t know how to get started, you are not alone. One in two small businesses nationwide do not currently offer a dental benefit to their employees, but they want to. To learn more about the value of a membership plan for your employees and how Kleer’s Employee Care solution works, visit kleer.com/kleer-employee-care.

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