Determined Office Manager Proves Success is a Matter of Creativity Not Size


PNW Dental is a four-person staff practice—dentist, assistant, hygienist, and a business-savvy office manager named Lindsay Bradbury—in Bend, Oregon.


Prior to joining Kleer in July of 2019, PNW Dental had no membership plan in place to support their 720 patients, 30% of which were uninsured.


PNW Dental implemented unique marketing efforts to quickly grow their patient base. Their office manager, Lindsay, advertised their membership plan on their practice’s website, via email, and through direct mail. The mailer highlighted their new patient special and when new patients inquired, she used it as an opportunity to easily convert them over to their membership plan. Lindsay also started a popular patient referral contest, drawing one winner each quarter to receive big ticket prizes like a GT full suspension mountain bike, weekend trip to Las Vegas, or a season pass to a local ski resort. The referrals were all made aware of the membership plan and many joined. Finally, she took the initiative to market their membership plan to local employers by engaging in networking groups and through grassroots efforts like sending welcome baskets to neighboring businesses.

PNW Dental's Marketing Efforts


In only 1 year, Lindsay’s marketing creativity garnered:

  • 208 membership plans purchased
  • $83,009 in recurring annual revenue
  • 50% increase in new patients
  • 96% of uninsured patients enrolled
  • 2 employers enrolled in 3 weeks

With Kleer, we’ve been able to scale our membership plan so fast! I love how the platform makes it easy for me to manage our memberships, track renewals, and process payments all in one place, giving me extra time to focus on our patients. With the addition of Kleer Employee Care, we can take our membership plan to even greater heights. Thank you Kleer!

-Lindsay Bradbury | Office Manager

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