Cuts Ties with Competitor to Take Advantage of Kleer’s Customer Support and Marketing Resources

Practice Profile

Located in one of the largest retirement communities in the nation, this one-office, two-dentist practice in Lady Lake, FL serves 3,200+ patients, over half of whom are uninsured.


To provide their large volume of uninsured patients with an alternative coverage option, Heritage Dental originally offered a membership plan through a Kleer competitor. A customer for about a year, they were frustrated by the vendor’s lack of support and resources. They did not receive any training or education to help them grow their membership plan and any efforts to communicate with the vendor could only be done through email. Ultimately, they felt that they were left high and dry to figure everything out on their own. They knew they needed a membership plan partner to give them more guidance and support. Even more importantly, they planned to transition to a completely fee-for-service practice and knew that they needed the right membership plan in place to offer both their uninsured patients as well as their patients who were currently on PPO plans that the practice would soon no longer accept.


After switching to Kleer, Heritage Dental quickly saw a night and day difference to the support, training and tools they had access to. They started by going through Kleer’s onboarding process to design, price and build their plan as well as receive detailed instructions on how to use the platform. The team was given access to an array of training materials—a playbook, scripts and videos, etc.—which left them all feeling confident that they could speak to patients about their membership plan. If they had any questions, they could easily contact Kleer’s dedicated support team through email, chat or a phone call. Heritage Dental also quickly took advantage of Kleer’s free in-office and digital marketing tools to promote their membership plan to new and existing patients. They placed the custom patient brochures on their front desk and handed them out to every patient, used Kleer’s email templates to send emails to their existing patients, posted social media assets to their Facebook page, and advertised their membership plan in the local newspaper using ads provided by Kleer to reach their senior demographic. Within five months of working with Kleer, they enrolled 170 patients onto their plan, a 60% increase from the previous full year of results they achieved with their previous vendor. Their membership plan success helped Heritage Dental transition completely to a fee-for-service practice.

Heritage Dental's Marketing Efforts
Heritage Dental advertise their membership plan with Kleer provided email blasts, social media posts and patient brochures. All content is customizable and offered free to Kleer customers.


Within five months of implementing Kleer Heritage Dental achieved:

  • 170 membership plans purchased
  • $83,009 in recurring annual revenue
  • 60% increase in members from prior membership plan vendor
  • Transitioned practice from PPO to fee-for-service

The vendor that we worked with before switching to Kleer left us to figure everything out on our own. We received zero education, training or support on how to use the platform or how to grow our membership plan. We didn’t have anyone we could call for help. Kleer is 100 steps ahead of the competition. They go above and beyond to do everything from providing free marketing resources to offering 1:1 consultations on plan performance. We went from 100 members in a year with our prior vendor to over 170 members in five months with Kleer! I can’t thank them enough for all that they do.

-Jennifer Tyler | Office Manager

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