Improves Decade-Old, Manual and Underpriced In-House Membership Plan

Practice Profile

A one-office, two-dentist practice in Northeast Florida that serves 3,900 patients (25% uninsured) with quality care, comfort and convenience.


Prior to joining Kleer, Krantz Dental Care had an in-office membership plan for over ten years. While successful in its own right, they sought out Kleer for three main reasons— 1) to scale their efforts, 2) analyze and improve their pricing, and 3) enhance their marketing.  


Scale Their Membership Plan

Krantz Dental Care struggled to manage their membership plan as it grew in popularity. After implementing Kleer, they were able to streamline, automate and scale enrollment, payment, renewal and tracking processes. For example, with Kleer, they can send email invitations to patients that includes a link to their custom membership plan landing page where patients can easily enroll from any device, in a matter of minutes. Also, Kleer’s platform automatically manages patients’ subscription payments and renewals. Krantz Dental Care’s front office team can review key metrics in real-time from Kleer’s reporting dashboard including the number of active memberships, renewal rate, cancellation rate, payments and deposits. These features have not only made it much easier for the Krantz team to manage their membership plan, but they have improved its performance.

Analyze and Improve Pricing

Kleer SmartPricing™ is a proprietary algorithm that combines a practice’s fee schedule and data from thousands of dental practices on the Kleer platform, to produce a pricing recommendation that optimally balances patient and practice value. Using the algorithm, the Kleer Growth Team was able to determine the perfect subscription pricing for each of Krantz Dental Care’s care plans—which was $100 above their original pricing. The new pricing was well received by patients and did not inhibit patient sign ups. In fact, 135 patients enrolled in the first 120 days.

Kleer's SmartPricing™

Improve Marketing

Krantz Dental Care took advantage of Kleer’s free marketing resources in the Kleer Practice Portal to better promote their membership plan in their office, on their website and on social media. They placed Kleer's custom widget on the homepage of their website that directs patients to their custom membership plan landing page where patients can easily view plan details and quickly sign up. Krantz Dental Care downloaded Kleer’s free social media assets to advertise their plan on their Facebook page. They also took advantage of the materials that Kleer sends in their customer welcome kit that includes posters and patient brochures. 

Krantz Dental Care's Social Media Examples


  • 135 members and over $31,000 in recurring revenue in the first 120 days
  • 250 members and over $48,400 in recurring revenue in the first 8 months
  • A local employer is offering the membership plan as a benefit to their employees

Moving from our own, in-house membership plan to Kleer was a huge win for our practice! Before launching, their experts used their data to help us realize that our original plan was underpriced by $100. This realization caused us to rethink our offer and design care plans that better suited the needs of our patients. Despite the additional cost, our patients see the value in their plan and easily made the switch to Kleer. To date, we have over 250 members and $48K in additional revenue!

-Mary Brotbeck | Office Manager

Krantz Dental Care's Designated Landing Page and Website Widget


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