Ninth East Dental Successfully Transitions to the Kleer Cloud-Based membership plan Platform

About Ninth East Dental

Ninth East Dental is a 2-dentist practice that offers comprehensive family dental care in Provo, Utah. The team believes in the importance of providing access to affordable dental care and understands that a strong partnership with patients ensures long term oral health and well-being. The patient experience at Ninth East Dental starts with a face-to-face consultation and is supported by the use of the latest technologies in a clean and relaxing environment. The team is fully committed to meeting its patients’ needs and creating beautiful smiles that they can enjoy for a lifetime..


Ninth East Dental offered its own home-grown membership plan to patients prior to launching Kleer, so the team was fully aware of how membership plans improve patient loyalty and case acceptance. The problem was that the home-grown plan was paper-based and hard to manage. The Ninth East team had to deal with a lot of manual administrative hassles and their patients had a poor experience, including filling out paper forms. The membership plan was not aligned to their practice culture and required way too much time to manage and run. In time, they realized that entirely managing their own, paper-based plan was not in the best interest of their practice or their patients.

Ninth East Dental goals were fairly simple:

  • Replace their current, home-grown, paper-based membership plan to reduce administrative costs, hassles, and time spent managing the plan
  • Offer a modern membership plan that provided a patient experience that was simple, up-to-date, and aligned with their practice culture
  • Improve existing patient loyalty and case acceptance
  • Increase practice revenue and profitability
  • Attract the right type of new patients to commit to the practice long term


Ninth East Dental reached out to Kleer after seeing an interview with CEO Dave Monahan about the cloud-based platform. It enabled practices to manage membership plans more easily and efficiently. Because the Kleer platform is turn-key and free to implement, it would allow Ninth East Dental to design and customize a membership plan to fit their specific practice and patients’ needs. It would also improve their uninsured patients’ oral health, generate profitable subscription revenue, and increase treatment acceptance, all without having to add new patients. The Kleer platform was attractive because it included membership performance and growth support and unlimited access to a dedicated customer service team. The Kleer Success Team was just a phone call, live chat, or email away. They would provide onboarding instruction, training, and membership guidance to help make the membership plan successful. Ninth East Dental liked the idea of having access to these added resources with Kleer. They knew that they would benefit greatly from this new partnership.

Membership Plan Details

  • Ninth East Dental offers five different dental care plan levels customized for children, adults, and patients with periodontal disease. Each includes preventive care, emergency exams, and discounts off other treatment. The plans include:
    • Child Start for patients age 13 and younger (1- professional cleaning, 1-exam, 1-fluoride treatment, x-rays, 1- emergency exam)
    • Child Complete for patients age 13 and younger (2- professional cleanings, 2-exams, 1- fluoride treatment, x-rays, 1-emergency exam)
    • Adult Start for patients age 14 and older (1- professional cleaning, 1-exam, 1-oral screening, x-rays, 1-emergency exam)
    • Adult Complete for patients age 14 and older (2- professional cleanings, 2-exams, 2-oral screenings, x-rays and 1- emergency exam)
    • Perio for patients with Periodontal disease
  • A 15% discount off non-preventive procedures so patients can take advantage of cost-savings for additional recommended treatment

Ninth East Dental created a fee schedule based on their existing office fees and set subscription pricing for each of the five different care plans with support from The Kleer Success Team. After enrollment completion, the team was trained so they felt confident using The Dentist Portal to manage the plan and enroll new members. The Kleer platform provided Ninth East Dental the option of annual and monthly payments allowing patients to choose which payment method worked best for them. The Ninth East Dental team actively promoted the membership plan to uninsured patients as a method of payment before patients received treatment. This approach proved to be successful for the practice and became the number one driver for patient sign-ups.

Ninth East Dental utilized the many customized marketing materials provided by Kleer in the office, on their website, and on social media to promote their new membership plan. These included customized Patient Information Sheets for the front desk, office posters, buttons for the team, and promotional stickers. Free, customized digital marketing tools were also provided to be used on social media and even a Kleer Widget to place on the practice website. The Kleer Widget is designed to allow for patients’ self-service. The page included detailed information about their specific care plans, patient benefits, and pricing or sign up online.


Ninth East Dental replaced its home-grown membership plan and successfully transitioned to the Kleer platform. This enabled the team to be much more efficient when promoting and managing the membership plan to their uninsured patients. Utilizing new up-to-date technology via the Kleer platform, in the first 90 days of offering Kleer to their patients, the practice sold 47 memberships, generating $15,885 of recurring, profitable revenue. To date, they are close to reaching the 200-membership mark and have reached a “Kleer Preferred Level” practice status.

Ninth East Dental also increased treatment compliance for its uninsured patient and increased the profit of their hygiene department, resulting in further increased value for the practice.


We already knew all the great things membership plans could do for our patients and our practice, but it was a real hassle keeping on top of the renewals, the payments, and the paperwork. Despite all the value it was bringing us, it was hard to manage, and we were strongly considering shutting it down. Then I read an interview with Dave Monahan from Kleer and he hit on all of our pain points with managing our own, home-grown membership plan. The Kleer platform has an auto-renew feature, payment processing, and patient notifications - all built right into the platform. So now we can go back to providing quality dental care for our patients and leave all the work to Kleer!

- Dr. Adrian Huang, DMD, Ninth East Dental

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