Kleer’s Platform Reduces Manual Efforts and Increases Practice Revenue

Practice Profile

A one-office, two-dentist practice in Powell, OH that serves 4,600+ patients with general and comprehensive dentistry and dental sleep medicine.


Prior to joining Kleer, Powell Dental Group offered uninsured patients Aetna’s Vital Savings Discount Plan (VSP) which provided patients with access to contracted, discounted treatment rates. This meant that patients were paying for access to discounts rather than for treatment. Even more confusing, patients could sign up for the plan in a variety of ways including multiple websites. This forced Powell Dental Group’s front office team to call Aetna to determine where the plan was purchased, verify if the patient’s plan was active, and to determine if and when it had been renewed. Powell Dental Group decided they needed to find a better solution both for their patients, and for themselves to manage their time effectively and increase profitability.


Powell Dental Group worked closely with their Kleer Growth Specialist to design, price, and grow their own membership plan. They utilized Kleer’s proprietary SmartPricing™ formula to produce a pricing recommendation that optimally balanced patient and practice value. They also took advantage of the free in-office and digital marketing materials to promote their plan to their existing uninsured patients and uninsured consumers in their area. Once patients were informed of the Kleer membership plan option, they responded very favorably. They appreciate the flexibility of paying for their Kleer membership plan using health savings account (HSA) funds and the option to pay in monthly or annual installments. Unlike the VSP, all money spent on their Kleer membership plan goes to the practice and is used for treatment. Since launching, Powell Dental Group has converted 100% of VSP patients who have been made aware of the plan to Kleer and generated $43,543 of recurring subscription revenue.

In addition to providing a better care option to patients, Kleer has helped the Powell Dental Group’s front office team make significant improvements to their daily operations. One of the team's favorite features of the Kleer platform is the ability to automate renewals. They also love that patients can easily enroll in their Kleer membership plan from any device in a matter of minutes. Kleer automatically sends them email notifications when patients sign up, when payments are received, or if there is a payment processing concern. Using the reporting dashboard within the Kleer Practice Portal, Powell Dental Group can quickly track members, payments, renewals, and deposits. They can also make changes to their membership plan when needed.

Powell Dental Group team
The team at Powell Dental Group use Kleer provided flyers to educate their patients on the value of a dental membership plan.


Within six months of implementing Kleer Powell Dental Group achieved:

  • 95 membership plans purchased
  • $43,543 in recurring annual revenue
  • 100% of former discount plan patients enrolled in Kleer

I was the most skeptical about implementing a dental membership plan. I was terrified of managing patient payments in our practice management system and worried that patients would think we were trying to pull something over on them. My fears were eliminated when our Kleer Growth Specialist took the time to hold my hand and walk me through every step of the process. He assured me I would be 100% satisfied with our new partnership and he was 200% (or more) correct! If a practice is on the fence about joining Kleer, don’t hesitate any further. They will show you exactly what to do to increase revenue for your practice. We’ve earned over $43,000 already!

-Krista Smith | Office Manager

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