Practice Rebounds from COVID Closure, Enrolls 150 Patients in Three Months 

Case Study Preview

•    North Raleigh Perio is a single-location practice in North Carolina
•    Launched membership plan on May 14, 2020, in height of the COVID pandemic
•    Enrolled first member the same day and 150 members in just over three months
•    Generated $95,348 in recurring subscription revenue
•    First-year goal is to enroll 1,000 members
•    Anticipates retaining plan members at an 80-90%+ renewal rate
•    Patients provide positive feedback and accept more treatment

North Raleigh Perio Strategically Launches Membership Plan in Height of COVID-19 Crisis 

North Raleigh Periodontics and Dentistry (North Raleigh Perio) is a single-location dental practice located in Raleigh, North Carolina with approximately 3,250 patients. The practice’s team, which impressively includes five martial arts Black Belts, is goal-oriented and laser-focused on customer service and delivering a positive patient experience. As part of the practice’s mission, their “ultimate goal is to educate patients concerning their treatment options and provide excellent periodontal service.” 

In May 2020, in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic that left dental practices across the country closed for weeks, the team at North Raleigh Perio strategically implemented a Kleer membership plan to serve their many patients who lost jobs, salaries and/or dental benefits as a result of the economic shutdown. 

The practice saw additional value in implementing a membership plan as a first step in cutting ties with dental insurance companies that had not supported them during the crisis and whose plans generally did not work for the practice or their patients. Having an expertly designed and priced membership plan was critical to the success of their reopening.

Choosing the Right Approach and Vendor Partner for the Dental Membership Plan 

In evaluating the right membership plan vendor partner, the dental team saw Kleer as the industry experts who offer the most value through automation and customer support. Customer service is highly valued by North Raleigh Periodontics. The practice recognizes and appreciates the level of support the Kleer Success Team offers, from onboarding through ongoing growth services. 

“We chose Kleer over other vendors or a do-it-yourself model because the last thing we wanted was to do more paperwork,” said Monica Singletary, Office Manager for North Raleigh Perio. “By the time you have one or two front office team members administering a plan, you’re dedicating a salary to the membership plan. Kleer’s platform takes away administrative burdens, their Success Team provides ongoing coaching, and our patients love the coverage option.”

Patient-Centric Approach Differentiates Practice: Education, Marketing and the VIP Experience

A commitment to delivering high-quality customer service to patients has led this practice to excellent membership plan results. The practice educates patients about their plan directly and through marketing efforts, and they provide a VIP experience to those who join. As a result, patients understand the value, enroll in hyper speed, provide positive feedback, and accept more treatment than they would without a plan.

When it comes to marketing their membership plan, the team leverages tools in Kleer’s product including targeted email campaigns and website tools. The practice also uses video marketing on their website and social media, including boosting posts on Facebook. Additionally, they air regular radio spots (in both English and Spanish) that mention the savings available from their plan. At their office, they display plan information in the reception area, and when it comes time to talk to a patient in-person, they skillfully explain which care plan is best for the patient’s unique needs and how much the patient can save.

As a bonus incentive to join the membership, North Raleigh Perio gives their membership plan patients the VIP experience. During their initial visit, patients receive a bag of gifts including a tumbler, floss and chapstick. After that visit, the practice sends a thank you card which serves as a reminder of the savings they receive.

North Raleigh Perio VIP Experience

Quick Results: Rebounds from COVID Closure with 150 Members in First Three Months

North Raleigh Perio saw quick success with their membership plan, enrolling their first patient on the same day of their plan’s launch, followed by 150 members in just over three months. To date, the practice has generated $95,348 in recurring subscription revenue, which will keep the practice financially healthy in good times and bad, including future crises and seasonal slumps. The practice set the goal of enrolling 1,000 patients within the first year of launch, and they anticipate 80-90%+ renewals rates, which is typical of Kleer’s best customers.  

North Raleigh Perio Growth Results

North Raleigh Perio shares the following words of wisdom to practices who are considering implementing a membership plan for the first time or revamping a plan that fell to the wayside or just is not working.

•    Make sure you have good people on your team and designate a membership plan coordinator.
•    Ensure the whole team understands the value of your membership plan and believe in it. Talk about it in the morning huddle!
•    Sit down with your patients and discuss their health, their finances, what their goals are and how your membership plan can help them save their teeth in a financially feasible way. 
•    Make your patients feel appreciated – the VIP gifts sometimes positively sway a patient. 
•    Stick with it – just because a couple people are not interested, keep going.
•    Kleer will make membership plans so easy for your front office team, provide great marketing tools, and help improve the patient experience through simple self-service tools.

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