Dental coverage and patient mindset have dramatically changed due to the COVID-19 crisis. As of May 2020, U.S. jobless claims due to the COVID-19 crisis hit a record of over 38 million people—four times that of the 2008 Great Recession. Losses of jobs, salaries and employer-sponsored dental benefits significantly reduced the number of insured dental patients and put new pressure on cash-paying patients.

Prior to the crisis, 100 million U.S. adults were without dental benefits, and this will grow to over 130 million due to COVID-19 job losses. It is estimated that in our new reality, one out of every two patients will not have dental coverage, a significant shift for dental practices.

There is a substantial risk to your practice’s production by having more uncovered and price-sensitive patients. Statistics show that uninsured patients visit the dentist three times less often and accept less than half the treatment of insured patients.  Although this seems like bad news, it presents a big opportunity for forward thinking office managers to offer better care to their uninsured patients through a subscription-based direct care model—and to break free from insurers while providing uninsured patients the care they want.

Read the white paper “How Office Managers Can Be a Hero by Implementing a Membership Plan” to:

  • Learn about the uninsured patient mindset, behaviors and preferences
  • Understand why implementing a dental membership plan will increase patient loyalty, visits and treatment acceptance
  • Take away strategies to liberate yourself from the costs and hassles of insurance middlemen by offering care through a subscription-based direct care model
  • Explore practice data from Kleer customers to understand the return on investment of membership plans and the potential impact for your practice

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