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Dental membership plans designed for group practice success

Easily design, launch and manage a scalable dental membership plan across your group practice.

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Kleer’s advanced, cloud-based platform includes everything your group practice needs to easily design, quickly implement and professionally manage a dental membership plan. One-size-fits-all membership plans don’t work for group practices, and that is why Kleer tailors care plans, fee schedules and subscriptions for each office location. Plus, Kleer is simple to use for your offices and patients and includes all the great features you need to manage and track the plan across locations.

First, let’s define success.

Here are some results you can expect when you partner with Kleer.

  • Drive 2-3X more uninsured patient visits and 2.1X more revenue per patient. Our data shows practices typically see $120 more in hygiene revenue and over $640 more in total revenue per patient per year!
  • Convert your existing uninsured patients into loyal, long-term, productive patients.
  • Provide coverage to retiring baby boomers who are losing dental coverage.
  • Dump your new patient specials - Make it easier for new and emergency patients to do business with your practices, get the care they need, and become lifelong patients.
  • Get buy-in from each office team by building care plans customized for their treatment preferences.
  • Maximize results by setting pricing and discounts by location, catering to local patient demographics and the care your dentists determine is best.
  • Increase the value of each location and the group as a whole by building profitable, recurring subscription revenue.

Kleer’s membership plan platform is easy to use and designed for scale and success.

Design custom care plans for each office that cater to local patient demographics

Group practices have offices that cater to different patient demographics and treatment needs. One office may see younger, working age patients with predominantly hygiene needs, while another may treat mostly older, retired patients with more restorative treatment needs. With Kleer, you can easily create customized care plans for the unique needs of each one of your offices.

Build custom fee schedules and subscriptions for economically diverse offices

Group practices own geographically and economically diverse offices that are often spread out across cities, states and zip codes with different economic characteristics. Kleer makes it easy for you to customize fee schedules and subscriptions to match the needs of each office.

Leverage practice-branded marketing materials to grow your membership

Many group practices either have one brand or many brands based on your market approach. Kleer offers the option to customize your membership plan marketing materials to reflect your brand(s) and maximize your market presence.

Quickly and easily deploy your membership plan – within days!

Enterprise-wide technology implementations at group practices can be burdensome and costly, but Kleer implementations are virtual, fast, simple, and free! Design and deploy your membership plan within days with the help of the Kleer Success Team who will guide you through design, pricing, training, and implementation. They will even ship free marketing materials to each of your offices!

Scale your plan as your group expands

We know that you are constantly looking to grow your group and may add new practices, dentists, and locations at any time. Kleer can keep up! Kleer makes it very easy to add new practices, new dentists and new locations to an existing membership plan or create new membership plans customized for new locations.

Manage plan updates with Kleer Version Control

Most dental practices make changes to their membership plan within 12 months of launch. Kleer Version Control makes it very easy to make changes at any time. Kleer Version Control ensures that patients that already purchased your membership plan will stay with that plan until their renewal date. While patients purchasing your plan for the first time will sign up for the new plan.

Easily track and manage plans at the group level

As busy as group practice is, it is often very difficult to manage programs across multiple offices. Kleer understands and built the Kleer Group Portal to make program management simple. Create membership plans at an office level, roll them up to a region or group level, and then provide edit or ready-only access to administrators at any level. The Kleer Group Portal makes it very easy to track membership, payments, deposits and renewals across all practices and compare performance.

Easily track and manage plans at the office level

The Kleer Practice Portal is easy to use and provides everything your office teams need to manage, track and promote their membership plans. They can easily track membership, payments and renewals, invite patients to join, update patient accounts, implement marketing tools and get training. Since Kleer is cloud-based, the data in the portal is real-time and can be viewed from any device.

Manage patient updates and changes

Dentistry is retail, and patients are consumers. And as you know, patients change their mind a lot. After purchasing your plan, they may wish to upgrade or downgrade, pay off monthly in mid-year. Or, they may want to change the credit or debit card they have on file. Your practice needs tools to manage these issues. Kleer makes these changes very easy to handle. In working with thousands of dental practices, we have encountered almost every patient scenario that exists and have built features that make it very easy to address them.

Give your patients the best customer experience

Kleer’s patient platform is simple, online and intuitive. Patients can sign up in 1-2 minutes on your website, in your office or from any device. And, the Patient Portal makes it easy for patients to review plan benefits, print an ID card and manage payments.

Set yourself up for long-term success with regulatory compliance

Kleer’s platform was built from the ground up to be compliant. Kleer thoroughly researches and closely follows federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, fraud and abuse laws, fee splitting laws, dental advertising and disclosure laws, privacy and data security laws, DMPO laws, and payment processing laws including PCI. We continually monitor changes to applicable regulations and update the platform as needed to remain compliant.

We’ll work by your side from the start.

You’ll get live support, tools and resources that maximize your membership plan results. We call it the Kleer Advantage™.

The Kleer Advantage is a set of resources and tools that we developed based on the best practices from the thousands of dental practices we work with every day.

  • Kleer Partnership
  • Kleer Platform
  • Kleer Success Team Support
  • Kleer SmartDesign™
  • Kleer Growth Services
  • Kleer Renewal Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Market Research
  • Product Innovation

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