Transform your practice with Kleer’s industry-leading dental membership plan platform

Kleer’s turnkey platform includes everything you need to design, launch and grow a membership plan, improve practice performance, and provide patients with better access to care—all without the interference of an insurance middleman.

Kleer’s platform makes a membership plan simple for you and your patients.

Kleer’s platform includes all the features you need to easily implement, manage and grow a successful in-house dental membership plan. And, your patients can easily purchase and manage a care plan designed for their specific needs.


Getting your practice started with Kleer is simple

The Kleer Practice Portal enables you to easily customize multiple care plans designed and priced based on your patient demographics, treatment protocols and practice goals. With a expertly designed and priced plan, you can expect phenomenal results—the average Kleer practice will double uninsured patient revenue!

Build and customize your care plans

The Kleer Success Team will use Kleer SmartDesign™ to customize your plan and align it with your treatment philosophy, patient demographics and membership plan goals. Kleer SmartDesign™ is a proven method for creating a successful membership plan that’s based on the Kleer Success Team’s learnings working with thousands of dental practices.

Create your own fee schedule and pricing

We’ll assist you in analyzing your fee schedule, which will be used as the basis for your membership plan pricing. We will apply our proprietary Kleer SmartPricing™ formula to help you determine subscription pricing for each of your care plans that perfectly balances patient and practice value. You can then opt to provide a common discount across all procedure codes or implement unique discounts by procedure category.

Select additional options

You can further customize your dental membership plan by selecting from additional options including monthly payment plan, family discounts and adding specialists.


Managing your membership plan is so easy

Easily invite, enroll and manage patients within the user-friendly Kleer Practice Portal. The portal makes it simple to track membership plan performance, manage and edit care plans, track and manage renewals, and tap into resources and tools to grow your membership.

Track members, revenue and payments

It’s simple to track members, purchases, renewals and payments at any time. You can also stay up to date on member sign ups, deposits to your bank account, member payment issues, and renewals by opting into Kleer automated notifications.

Invite and enroll patients

Quickly and easily invite patients to join your membership plan via email and easily enroll patients from your front desk right from the Kleer Practice Portal.

Easily manage and edit patient accounts

As you know, patients change their mind a lot. After purchasing your plan, they may want to change the credit or debit card they have on file. Or, you might want to upgrade or downgrade their care plan based on a change in their oral health status. Kleer makes these changes very easy to handle. In working with thousands of dental practices, we have encountered almost every patient scenario that exists and have built features that make it very easy to address them.

Make changes to your membership plan at any time with Kleer Version Control

Most dental practices make changes to their membership plan within 12 months of launch. Kleer Version Control makes it very easy to make changes at any time. Kleer Version Control ensures that patients that already purchased your membership plan will stay with that plan until their renewal date. While patients purchasing your plan for the first time will sign up for the new plan.

Get paid fast with secure, electronic payment processing

When you join Kleer, we create a unique and secure merchant bank account for your practice. When a patient joins your plan, their payments are directly deposited into your merchant account and then transferred to your practice bank account.

Automate the renewal process so you can focus on patient care

Focus on patient care rather than tedious, time consuming tasks like calling patients and entering payment information. Kleer automatically manages the renewal process, sending notifications to patients, processing payments, sending receipts, and notifying your team and your patients of any issues that arise.

Grow your membership with Kleer marketing tools

Promote your membership plan using free marketing tools customized for your practice, including a custom patient landing page for your website, patient brochures for your office, social media tools for your Facebook page, Google Ad templates, direct mail templates and seasonal campaigns.

Promote membership savings with the Kleer Patient Savings Tool

The Kleer Patient Savings Tool conveniently enables your practice to show patients the cost of treatment with and without your membership plan. Patients can easily review the savings they will receive by purchasing your membership plan. It’s a great tool for getting patients to accept a comprehensive treatment plan.

Set yourself up for long-term success with regulatory compliance

Kleer’s platform was built from the ground up to be compliant. Kleer thoroughly researches and closely follows federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, fraud and abuse laws, fee splitting laws, dental advertising and disclosure laws, privacy and data security laws, DMPO laws, and payment processing laws including PCI. We continually monitor changes to applicable regulations and update the platform as needed to remain compliant.

We pride ourselves as innovators, and we continuously release product enhancements to improve your experience with the Kleer platform.

Provide a great patient experience and decrease administrative work with patient self-service tools.

Kleer’s solution is designed to be self-service for patients, making for an excellent user experience while lowering administration for your team. Kleer is simple, online and intuitive.

Easy Patient Enrollment

Patients can enroll into your plan from any device using a QR code on the patient brochure, an email link, an embedded link on your website, or by entering your dentist code on Kleer’s website. Sign-up is quick and simple, taking just a few minutes. And, best of all, benefits start immediately!

Patient Portal

The Kleer Patient Portal is accessible from any device and enables members to easily review plan benefits, print a membership card, manage payments, add family members and invite friends to join your membership plan.