Kleer for Office Managers

Be the membership plan hero for your patients and practice

Your practice’s dental membership plan will create outcomes so amazing that you become the hero of your practice! With a well-designed and expertly priced membership plan in place, you can give patients access to what they want and need—a simple, affordable and personalized care plan—while ramping up the performance of your practice.

This is total hero status.

Office managers help patients get the care they need and maximize practice results with Kleer’s membership plan.

  • Help your uninsured patients get the care they need.
  • Provide a coverage option to retiring baby boomers who are losing employer-sponsored dental coverage.
  • Convert new, dormant and emergency patients into lifelong patients.
  • Be the practice hero by filling your hygiene schedule and increasing production. Patients with a Kleer membership plan visit 2-3X more than uninsured patients.
  • Make the practice more successful. On average, Kleer membership plan patients generate over $600 more in production revenue per patient.
  • Eliminate time spent on insurance approvals, collections, claim denials, and the coordination of benefits.
  • Free your team from the hassles of insurance and let them focus on patient care.

This is the membership plan that office managers love!

Kleer’s cloud-based membership plan platform empowers practices to offer affordable, comprehensive dental care directly to patients—without interference of insurance middlemen.

Our solution helps office managers in their role of patient advocate, team leader and an integral part of boosting practice performance. Kleer makes membership plan design, promotion, and management easy so you can spend more time on office operations and patient care.

It's awesome!

Kleer is the Official Dental Membership Plan Sponsor of AADOM

Kleer Platform

  • Customize your care plans

    Offer multiple care plans customized for the needs of your practice and patients. You control everything including treatment protocol, subscription fees, discounts by procedure category, exclusions and patient payment options (annual and/or monthly).

  • Simply and quickly launch your plan

    Design and launch your membership plan in days with the help of the Kleer Success Team. The Kleer Success Team will use Kleer SmartDesign™ to customize your plan and align it with your treatment philosophy, patient demographics and membership plan goals. We will also apply our proprietary Kleer SmartPricing™ formula to help you determine subscription pricing for each of your care plans that perfectly balances patient and practice value.

  • Enable your team to easily manage the plan

    • Easily track payments, invite patients, enroll and manage members, and edit your plan.
    • Maximize patient participation and reduce time spent on membership plan management with patient self-service tools. These include self-signup using a QR code, automated electronic payments, automated renewals and automated notifications.
    • Make changes to your membership plan at any time with Kleer Version Control.
    • Easily manage patient updates and changes, including changing care plans and payment methods.
  • Easily manage retail features needed for today’s consumer

    In addition to the basics of adding or changing a patient’s credit card, you can upgrade or downgrade a plan, cancel and refund all or a set amount, pay off remaining balances, see failed payments, and pause a membership for any reason.

Give your patients what they want.

  • A care plan personalized for their oral care needs.
  • An affordable care plan with simple and transparent terms they can trust.
  • Pricing, discounts and benefits that enable them to get the care they need and feel financially savvy.
  • A direct relationship with your practice that removes third party hassles and costs.
  • Coverage that takes the mystery and worry out of price and negotiations.

Provide a great patient experience.

Kleer’s solution is designed to be self-service for patients, making for an excellent user experience while lowering administration for your team. Kleer is simple, online and intuitive.

Patients can sign up in just a few minutes on your website, in your office or from any device—and benefits start immediately! Also, the Kleer Patient Portal enables members to easily review plan benefits, print a membership card, manage payments, add family members and invite friends to join your membership plan.

Total Support from the Start – the Kleer Advantage™

We provide you and your team total support from the start. With Kleer, you not only get a great platform, you get everything you need to create and manage a successful membership plan. We call it the Kleer Advantage.

  • Kleer Partnership
  • Kleer Platform
  • Kleer Success Team Support
  • Kleer SmartDesign™
  • Kleer Growth Services
  • Kleer Renewal Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Market Research
  • Product Innovation