Do you think it’s dangerous to break out of the mold of dealing with third-party payers? Are you nervous about eliminating insurance companies? On the Love Your Practice Podcast with Dr. Mach, Kleer CEO, Dave Monahan, explains why you don’t have to feel anxious about growing your independence from third-party payers. This episode guides you through the necessary steps to break free as well as:  

  • Problems with insurance “plans” that limit patients’ thoughts about dental care
  • Some stats on patient behavior for those with and without insurance
  • How membership plans provide better care for patients and more profitability for dentists
  • Issues membership plans address
  • Components to creating membership plans
  • The thoughts and feelings that dentists experience prior to making the leap forward to eliminating insurance companies
  • The ways membership plans can provide you with additional time to give your patients better care
  • How Kleer can help you transition to membership plans without any upfront costs to you

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