Over 200 DSO and group practice locations use Kleer’s solution for scale and success

WAYNE, Pa. – June 30, 2020Kleer, the leader in subscription dentistry, today announced updates to its dental membership plan software for dental support organizations (DSOs) and group practices. The product release includes many new and improved features that enhance management and success of membership plan results across offices and regions. To date, over 200 DSO and group practice locations use the Kleer platform.

Kleer prides itself as innovators, continuously releasing product enhancements to improve customer experiences. The company’s leadership is committed to continuously invest in, update and evolve the platform to meet practice and patient needs. As part of a product update released in May 2020, Kleer added features to its membership plan software solution specifically for group practices.

  • Master Group Multi-Level Nesting: enables group practices to nest practices and groups of practices together.
  • Group Hierarchy Management: makes it easy to manage and track membership results across locations and regions, allowing everyone within the DSO or group to get the information they need—from dentists and office managers, to regional managers and group executives.
  • Renewal Tab: improves membership plan renewal management, providing visibility of renewals across the group on one tab.

Kleer’s dental membership plan software for DSOs and group practices enables easy design, launch and management of membership plans across multiple dental practice locations. The platform is designed with dentist and patient success at the center and is rich in features, including:

  • Custom care plans for each office to cater to local patient demographics
  • Custom fee schedules by office, region, or group
  • Capability to brand practice by location or by group
  • Replication of locations for quick and easy enterprise-wide implementations
  • Kleer Version Control to manage plan updates
  • Tools to track and manage plans at group and office levels
  • Features for managing patient updates and changes
  • An intuitive, user-friendly Patient Portal
  • Compliant with applicable federal and state regulations

“Too many groups offer plans that are one-size-fits-all with the same plan design and pricing across offices that have big differences in patient demographics and dental team clinical preferences,” said Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer. “These groups are missing a big opportunity to increase sales by personalizing care and pricing for local patient demographics and to get office team buy-in by localizing plan design.”

Kleer’s platform is built to enable each office within a group to custom design and price their membership plan based on local demographics and clinical preferences, while group management can track, manage and scale the plans across all offices.

To learn more about Kleer’s dental membership plan solution for DSOs and group practices, visit Kleer’s website.

About Kleer

Kleer, the leader in subscription dental membership plans, is on a mission to liberate dental care. Its advanced, cloud-based platform allows dentists to reclaim control of the dental marketplace from insurance companies by creating membership plans to offer directly to patients. With Kleer, dentists can grow their practices, serve more patients, and offer those patients the highest levels of care. Patients get better, more affordable care without jumping through insurance company hoops. To learn more, visit www.kleer.com.

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Paige Coho
VP, Marketing for Kleer


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