Launching in early 2021, Kleer Employee Care will make it very easy for dental practices to offer simple and affordable dental benefits directly to local businesses, improving access to oral care while lowering cost.

WAYNE, Pa. – November 18, 2020 – Kleer, the leader in subscription dentistry, today announced the upcoming release of Kleer Employee Care, an expansion to its market leading dental membership plan software, enabling dental practices to design a custom dental benefit plan and offer it directly to local employers.

Why is Kleer Employee Care needed? Dental benefits are the 3rd most important benefit requested by employees, just behind health insurance and 401K. However, 1 in 2 small businesses do not offer a dental benefit to their employees because of the complexity, cost, and limitations of traditional dental benefit plans. And employers that do offer dental coverage spend $95 billion on premiums annually, but only 60 percent goes to dental care. Kleer Employee Care empowers dental practices and employers to connect directly—without an insurance middleman—to offer simple, affordable, and comprehensive dental benefits to employees. 

Kleer Employee Care enables dental practices to easily build a custom employer membership plan based on the needs of local businesses. The solution includes all the tools needed to promote and manage the employer benefit plan including custom marketing brochures, an employer landing page, and links and widgets that can be embedded in a practice’s website. Employers can easily enroll their business online, determine what amount they would like to contribute to their employees’ care, and invite employees to sign up. Once invited, employees can easily sign up from any device and use their benefits immediately. Kleer manages the platform, ensures compliance, and offers support to dental practices, employers, and employees. It is a win for all parties involved:

  • Dental practices have a unique opportunity to stand out to local businesses and attract new patients who are loyal and generate reliable, recurring revenue. 
  • Employers can save 30-40% on dental benefit costs and improve employee access to oral care. Better oral care will improve employee health and help employers attract and retain top talent. 
  • Employees receive simple, transparent, and affordable oral care, with costs offset by their employers contribution.   

Kleer Employee Care is the next step in helping dentists take more control of their practice, lessen their dependence on insurers, and improve access to care. To learn more about Kleer Employee Care, visit

About Kleer

Kleer, the leader in subscription dental membership plans, is on a mission to liberate dental care. Its advanced, cloud-based platform allows dentists to reclaim control of the dental marketplace from insurance companies by offering membership plans directly to patients and employers. With Kleer, dentists can grow their practices, expand access to care and provide patients the highest level of care. Patients and employers get better, more affordable care without all the hassles and costs of traditional dental insurance. To learn more, visit

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Paige Coho
VP, Marketing for Kleer 

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