Dental Care Liberated Webinar Series

The dental care system is broken! Insurers control everything--access, treatment, pricing and payment. We want that to change. As an ally to the dental industry and advocate for patients who want simple, affordable oral care, Kleer is leading a movement to liberate dental care.

Join us for monthly webinars discussions as we build a community of dental professionals whose common goal is to reclaim control of the dental marketplace from third party control and enable everyone to access the oral care they need.

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Upcoming Webinars

Past Webinars

  • Presented by Dave Monahan, CEO for Kleer

    Data Validates the ROI of Dental Membership Plans

    This just in! The ROI of dental membership plans is more astounding than you realize. New data from practices that implemented membership plans validates the value of subscription dentistry—including significant increases in uninsured patient visits, new patients, payments, treatment revenue and hygiene revenue.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to see this data and to understand the impact a membership plan will have on your practice.

  • Presented by Dave Monahan, CEO for Kleer

    4 Reasons the COVID-19 Crisis Made Dental Membership Plans a Must-Have

    The COVID crisis impacted dental practices everywhere and has created a paradigm shift in patient mindset and dental coverage. Forward-thinking dentists are presented with an opportunity to implement a subscription-based direct care model to provide better care, run profitable businesses, and break free from the control of insurers.

    Attend this webinar to review 4 outcomes and lessons learned from the COVID crisis that make dental membership plans a must-have in our new reality.

  • Presented by Dave Monahan, CEO for Kleer - Regan Robertson, President and CMO for Productive Dentist Academy - Dr. Chad Johnson, Dentist for Veranda Dentistry

    Fight the Fear: How to Successfully Transition PPOs Out of Your Practice

    We’re thrilled to have Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson from Productive Dentist Academy join us in our July session of the Liberating Dental Care webinar series. They will unpack and analyze the real-world strategies Dr. Chad used to carve his practice’s path away from PPOs.

    If you want to be healthier and happier in your practice, join us for a transparent conversation about navigating PPOs.

  • Presented by Dr. Kevin Cabugao, DDS, of Encore Dental and Dave Monahan, CEO for Kleer

    The Membership Club Effect of Subscription Dentistry

    Implementing a subscription-based dental membership plan at your practice will create a “membership club effect” that creates patient loyalty, increases patient visits and improves case acceptance. You’ll keep patients loyal to your practice, get them in the chair more often, increase revenue per patient and build predictable subscription income.

    Attend this webinar to learn how to generate the membership club effect at your practice. We’ll share data and a real story to prove the ROI of membership plans. You’ll hear from Dr. Kevin Cabugao of Encore Dental who will share how he doubled production per patient and increased hygiene revenue by 22% through implementing a membership plan—and how you can, too.

  • Presented by Kiera Dent, CEO for The Dental A Team

    COVID Comeback Challenge: 3 Ways to Immediately Ramp Up Your Practice

    The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted every dental practice across the nation. As your practice continues to recover from COVID-related closures, deals with the increased costs of doing business and insurance hassles, and prepares for forecasted Q4 slowdowns in production, there are a few measures you should take immediately to rebound.

    Take the time now to implement your COVID comeback! Attend this webinar to ramp up your practice and round out the calendar year with success.