Dentists everywhere want to break free from dental insurers but oftentimes don’t know where or how to start. This playbook walks you through each step of the process from planning to execution, including implementing strategies to retain patients and attract new ones. This playbook answers all of your questions including:

  • How do I know which PPOs to drop and when; what data do I look at?
  • Can I really stop offering discount plans to my patients?
  • How do I renegotiate or drop the PPO plans that I currently offer?
  • How do I support my staff and patients through this process?

Read the playbook “7 Steps to Drop Your Bad PPOs” and be guided through the process:

Step 1: Face your fears

Step 2: Implement a dental membership plan

Step 3: Stop offering dental discount plans

Step 4: Analyze your PPOs

Step 5: Renegotiate or drop bad PPOs

Step 6: Support your patients through the transition

Step 7: Market new patients

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