About Kleer

Kleer was founded in 2016 and has grown to be the proven industry-leader for subscription dental membership plans. By working with thousands of dentists across all 50 states, Kleer has perfected a solution that balances patient value and practice results.

In our mission to liberate dental care and make oral care more accessible to everyone, we have developed an advanced, cloud-based platform that allows dentists to reclaim control of the dental marketplace from insurance companies. With our membership plans, dentists provide care directly to patients, grow their practices, serve more patients, and offer those patients the highest levels of care. Uninsured patients with Kleer coverage generate 2.1X more revenue than uninsured patients without Kleer—all while getting better, more affordable care without jumping through insurance company hoops.

Our Story

At Kleer, we’re on a mission to liberate dental care.
It’s what we stand for.

The dental care system is broken—insurers control everything about the dental care market, including access, treatment, pricing payment. They’ve created expensive and overly complicated plans that work for them, but not for dentists or patients.

Kleer is leading a movement in liberating dental care with our membership plan solution. Implementing a dental membership plan at your practice can be your first step in establishing freedom from insurers and enabling your patients to access the care they need.

Our Mission

Liberate dental care by empowering dentists to provide simple, affordable and personalized care directly to patients.

Our Vision

Enable everyone to get the oral care they need to live a healthier and more confident life.

Our Core Values


We are committed to liberating dental care. Oral care is a fundamental good, and we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of dentists and patients. We’re excited to spark change and transformation!


We are determined to transform our ambitions into reality, so we’re always looking for a better way, we dare to take risks and are determined to see it through.


We believe that the means justifies the end. We incorporate integrity in everything we do. We’re unafraid to be ourselves and we always invite improvement.


We care about everyone we work with. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, genuinely care about the needs of others and we seek to understand before being understood. We follow the platinum rule: To treat others the way they want to be treated.


We know that excellence lies in the details, so we’re obsessed with them! We are intentionally detail-oriented, we think rigorously and use data to support opinions, and we anticipate what’s next.


We are optimistic and enjoy what we do. Liberating dental care is an adventure, and we embrace and enjoy the ride! We bring joy and optimism to work and we always try to laugh at ourselves.

Culture is the foundation of Kleer. Our culture defines who we are, what we believe, and how we treat our customers and partners. It forms the basis for strategically and thoughtfully changing the status quo so that dental care works better for both dentists and patients.

— Dave Monahan | CEO, Kleer