Offers a Kleer Membership Plan to Replace an Unprofitable PPO and Provide Patients with a Better, Affordable Option

Practice Profile

A one-office, one-dentist, fee-for-service practice in Newport Beach, CA that works hard to maintain a warm, inviting, and family-oriented atmosphere for their 1,600 patients.


The impact of COVID-19 caused many dental practices to reevaluate how they were operating, and Michael Jones Dental Corporation was no exception. During this time, they looked at their business model to determine what could be improved so that the practice was set up for a successful future. As a result, they decided to implement two major changes. First, they decided to bring on an associate to carry on the practice’s legacy as Dr. Jones prepares to retire. Second, they wanted to offer a membership plan. This was for two reasons. Since their new associate would receive a lower reimbursement rate from their in-network PPO, they planned to drop that PPO and offer a membership plan to their PPO patients. They also wanted to help their existing patients who lost dental coverage, either due to COVID-19 or retirement, by providing them with an affordable coverage option.


Originally considering building their own in-house plan, Michael Jones Dental Corporation hired a consultant who determined that it would take too much effort to manually manage details such as month-to-month payments, annual renewals, and compliance. As members of two leading industry organizations—the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) and the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA), both of which recommend Kleer—Michael Jones Dental Corporation felt that the choice to select Kleer as their membership plan partner was a no brainer.

With Kleer’s help, they designed and launched a membership plan that met their patients’ and their practice’s needs. They used Kleer’s front desk, hygienist, and dentist scripts as guidance in their morning huddles to train team members on how to speak about the membership plan. They announced their membership plan on their Google Business page and in an email blast to all patients. In addition, they placed Kleer’s brochures in their reception area and made sure team members were aware of opportunities to enroll new members, like when a patient needs restorative work, has a question about billing, retires, or loses coverage at work. Through these efforts they are quickly growing their membership plan and are moving closer to freedom from PPOs.

Within six months Michael Jones Dental Corporation achieved:

  • 58 membership plans purchased
  • $33,600 in recurring annual revenue
  • A major step towards PPO independence

Although our practice is located in an affluent area, our patients love that our Kleer membership plan gives them a discount. They really feel that they are getting quality care at a good price. We love that Kleer is easy to use and it keeps patients on a regular preventative cycle that they might not have previously maintained. By partnering with Kleer we already have 58 members and generated over $33,000 in recurring annual revenue!

-Debbie Jones | Practice Administrator

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